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  What can I do for you?=May/ Can I help you?


  I’m looking for sth for sb.=I’d like sth for sb.

  我可以试穿吗?Can I try it on?

  试穿 try on   try it/ them on

  它是个好价  It’s a good price.

  我们买下了  We’ll take it.

  多少钱? How much is it/ are they?

  你觉的…….怎么样? How do you like…?=

  How do/does sth. fit?

  开玩笑吧? Are you kidding?

  还是要谢谢你  Thanks anyway./all the same.

  我们只是看看 We’re just looking.

  帮帮忙好吗?Could you help me out?

  什么事? What is it?

  跑过来 run over to

  pick up=take=get=buy 拾起,拿,取

  多少….How many+可数名词复数

  How much+不可数名词

  别担心 Don’t worry.

  行,好  All right

  正确,没错That’s right.

  没有关系That’s all right

  有空  be free

  这星期天  this Sunday

  这星期天上午this Sunday morning

  今天下午 this afternoon

  去野餐  go for a picnic

  告诉某人有关….. tell sb.sth.

  忘记去做某事 forget to do sth.

  去游泳  go swimming

  踢足球 play soccer

  那太好了  That would be very nice.

  与某人说话  speak to sb.

  在家be in = be at home

  为某人带口信 take a message for sb.

  给某人口信  give sb. a message

  叫某人做某事 ask sb. to do sth.

  回话 call back=give sb. a call

  这没有这人 There is no sb. here.

  得/不得不 have to / has to

  做饭 cook food

  放风筝  fly a kite =fly kites

  有趣 be fun

  恐怕 I’m afraid

  没有时间  have no time

  提水 carry water

  野餐have a picnic

  在星期天 on Sunday

  去动物园 go to the zoo.

  回家/ 去那  Go home / there.

  最喜欢….like sth. best

  该(某人)做某事; 到了(某人)做某事的时候了It’s time (for sb.)to do sth. =It’s time for sth.

  下一次 next time

  去学校go to school

  上课start school=have lessons

  做运动play sports

  去睡觉go to bed

  起床get up

  看电视watch TV

  做家庭作业do one’s homework

  在6点40分 at 6:40

  在早上in the morning

  在晚上in the evening

  在下午in the afternoon

  让某人做某事 Let sb. do sth.

  让我帮助你 Let me help you.

  什么东西有毛病?What’s wrong with sth?

  迷路be lost

  在某人回家的路上on one’s  way home


  It’s very kind of you (to do sth.)

  当然Of course.

  谢谢某人做某事 Thank sb. for (doing) sth.

  外来物在树上in trees/ in the trees

  本身物体在树上on trees / on the trees


  Thank you all the same=Thank you anyway.

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