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【 - 试题】


  (   )1. I have ______.old shit and______ new sweate.

  A. a,  an   B. an,  a    C. an,   an   D. a,   a

  (   )2. This is Li Qiang. ______ is a new student hee. . ______ fathe is a teache.

  A. She;   He    B. He;   His     C.  She;   His   D.   His;  He

  (   )3. I would like some _____ , please.

  A. sandwich an d milk     B. sandwich and milks

  C. sandwiches and milk    D. sandwiches an d milks

  (   )4. How is Jim?


  A. I am fin e  B. She is fine  C. He’s fine  D. It’s fine

  (   )5. Mum, I need a new pen. Can you buy a new _______fo me?

  A. it    B. one   C. they   D. ones

  (   )6____shoes ae those?

  They ae Lucy’s.

  A. whose      B.who      C.what    D.which

  (   )7.  May I boow you ule, Linda?

  _______. It isn’t hee now.

  A.I’m so y      B.Sue

  C.That’s OK     D.Hee you ae

  (   )8. How many _____ shots do you have?

  A.pai                 B. a pai

  C.pais                D.pais of

  (   )9. Is this you scaf?


  A Yes, it is.    B  Yes, this is   C No, it is    D  No, this isn’t

  (   )10. I like the supemaket. Eveything ____vey good thee.

  A. ae   B. do   C. is  D. am

  (   )11. I don’t have _____ bothes o sistes.

  A. some B. any C. no D. much

  (   12. Li Ming, _____ you _____, please.

  A. stands on , feet B. stand on, feet C. stands on, foots D. stand on , foot.

  (   )13. Ae you OK ?

  No. I ______.

  A. have headache  B. am a headache  C. have a headache D. do headache

  (   )14. Would you like some moe ?

  ______.I am full(饱的).

  A. Yes, please  B. No, thanks  C. I’d love to  D. No,  I wouldn’t

  (   )15.—Kim,I like you new pen.


  A.OK            B. Thanks

  C. Sue           D. You’e welcome

  II. 完型填空(10)

  I’m Jenny. I __1__ fom Canada. Now I live in Shanghai, China. I __2__ up at 6:30. Then I __3__  beakfast. I like ceeal with milk and suga ___4___ it. I __5__some bead. __6__ fiend Li Ming __7__ noodles, eggs and vegetables __8__ beakfast. I walk to school, and  I have fou classes __9___ the moning. At 12:00, I have hambuges and juice fo lunch. Li Ming eats noodles and eggs. I have thee classes in the  aftenoon. I play games afte school. In the evening, I h ave chicken , fish ___10___ ice fo suppe. Li Ming has dumplings. I go to bed at 9:30.

  1. A.  am   B. is   C. ae   D. be

  2. A. put   C.get   D.stand

  3. A. has   B.have  C.want

  4. A. with  B.o   C. in    D.up

  5. A. get   B. stand  C.put

  6. A. My  B. He   C. I     D. She

  7. A. like  B. likes to  D.likes to

  8. A.up    B. in    C.on

  9. A. on    C.up    D. fo

  10. A. and   B. o   C.but   D.too

  III阅读理解 (15)

  My nam e is Ben. In my family, I have two bothes, Jim and Tony. Fo beakfast, we all like eggs. Jim and I like bananas, but Tony doesn’t. I don’t like noodles fo beakfast. But Jim and Tony do. I like ice ceam afte dinne . We all like salad and chicken fo dinne. Jim likes salad with vegetables. Tony likes all kinds of salad.


  (  )1.I don’t like eggs fo beakfast.

  (  )2.Tony and I lik e bananas fo beakfas t.

  (  )3.We all like salad and chicken fo dinne.

  (  )4. Tony only likes salad with v egetables.

  (  )5. I like ice ceam afte beakfast.


  Sandy and Tom ae fiends. They ae Canadians, but they d on’t live in Canada.They live in China now. They ae in the same school. Whee ae they now?They ae in the libay. Thee ae ma ny books in the libay. They boow books fom it. Sandy boows two books and Tom boows thee . It’s six in the aftenoon. Tom  closes the windows. Sandy  closes the doo. “Thank you, Sandy. Thank you, Tom,’’ says the teache. Sandy and Tom say, “You’e welcome.’’

  (    )6. Whee do Sandy and Tom live  now?

  A.  In  Canada.

  B.  In  China.

  C.  In  Ameica.

  (    )7. They ae in the _____ now.

  A.classoom  B.libay  C.home

  (    )8. They boow _____ books  togethe(总共)fom  the libay. A. two     B. thee     C. five

  (    )9.Tom  helps  the  teache _____.

  A. close the doo

  B.close the windows

  C.close the doo and windows

  (    ) 10.Who says “ Than k you” to Sandy?

  A. His teache.  B.Tom.  C. His fiend.


  Hello! I’m Pete. I’m f om Ameica . Now I am in China with my paents. I like China. And I like Chinese food, too. I have beakfast at home. I eat an egg and some milk fo  it. I don’t like poidge. I have no time to go home fo lunch, so I have it at school. The lunch in ou school is good. I can have lots of diffeent food. I eat ice, meat and vegetables.

  Sometimes I have noodles and dumplings. I have suppe at home. On Sundays, I often go out to eat with my fiends. We have fish, meat, vegetables and fuit.


  11. Pete is fom________

  12. He ____ China and Chinese  food

  13. He has an______ and some _____ fo beakfast.

  14. He has ____ and ___ at home sometimes.

  15. He often goes out to eat with his _____ on Sundays


  1.He name is Jenny.(对画线部分提问)

  ______ _______ name?

  2. I have six glasses of milk. (对画线部分提问)

  ______ ______ _______ ______ _______ do you have?

  3. She is a student.(用teache改为选择疑问句)

  ______ _____ a student ______ _____  ?

  4. Put on you jacket.(变成否定句)


  5.He is fom Canada. (同义句转换)

  He ______ _____ Canada.

  V 根据汉语补全句子。(20)


  My fiend can ______   ______   in the English class.


  Danny  ______   ______   ______ school.


  ______   ______  you umbella.


  Let’s  ______   ______.


  ______   ______  is  it?

  6. 他的帽子看起来不同于你。

  His hat looks ______   ______ you hat.

  7. 怀特先生有足够的钱买辆小汽车。

  M  White  has ______   ______   ______  ______ a ca.

  8. 请写下你的名字。

  Please  ______   ______ you n ames.


  Hee ______   ______   ______.

  10. 你的妹妹长什么样?

  What  ______ you siste  ______  ______?


  have, black, skit, same, diffeent, colou, they, woke, eye, mete

  Jenny and Helen ae my  good fiends. 1_____ ae twins fom Canada. Thei mothe is a 2______ and thei fathe is a docto. Jenny and Helen look the 3______. They have big geen 4______ and long bown hai. The y ae 1.6 _5__ tall. But they like 6_____ colous and clothes. Jenny’s favouite 7____ is geen. He favouite clothes ae 8_____. Helen likes 9______ best. She likes hats. She 10______ 5 black hats in diff eent shapes.



  A: You look sad.  1.___ , Wang Ming?

  B: My finge huts.I cut it.

  A: Don’t woy. Let me help you. My fathe is a docto. 2.____

  B: 3.____ , Jenny?

  A: My fathe is at home.

  B: OK!

  (Jenny 的爸爸为Wang Ming做了包扎)

  C: 4.____ ,now, Wang Ming?

  B: Much bette! 5.____

  C You’e welcome.

  A. How do you feel

  B. Thank you vey much.

  C. What’s wong

  D. Let’s go and ask him fo help

  E. Whee is you fathe


  A: Hi, Jenny. It’s tim e 1.___ lunch. I’m 2.___. Let’s go to the estauant.

  B: All ight. What 3.___ y ou 4.____ fo lunch?

  A: I’d  like a bottle of coke and a hambuge. And you?

  B: I 5.____ 6.____ a glass of milk 7._____ a bag of Fench fies.

  C: I’m soy. We 8.____ have any milk now. 9._____  you like oange juice?

  B: Yes, I do. 10.____ you.

  C: You’e welcome.



  Name May Age 28

  Haistyle  long,

  yellow Height 1.65m

  Othe Infomation Like  singing and dancing;

  help me with my English .


  Ⅰ1-5BBCCB   6--10AADAC   11--15BBCBB

  II..1-5 ACBCD  6-10 ABDBA

  III. 1-5 FFTFF   6.B 7.B 8.C 9. B 10.A 11.Ameica 12.likes 13. egg , milk

  14. noodles , dumplings 15. fiends

  Ⅳ1.what’s he many glasses of milk she o a teache

  4.Don’t put on  you jacket.

  5. Comes fom

  V1.have fun eady fo

  3.Don’t foget

  4. Go shopping

  5. What colou

  6. diffeent fom

  7.Enough money to buy

  8.Wite down my books

  10.does look like

  .Ⅵ 1.They  2.woke  3.same  4.eyes  5.metes  6.diffeent  7.colou  8.skit   10.has

  Ⅶ  A   1—5 CDEAB  2. hungy  3. would  4. lik e  5. Would

  6. like  7. and  8. don’t  9. Do 10. Thank

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