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  一. 选择填空。(20分,每小题1分)

  (    )26. 在26个字母中,元音字母是         。

  A. A I O U Y   B. A E I O U   C. A E K U Y

  (     )27. 下列字母都含有字母 Ee 的读音的一项是 ____ 。

  A. Gg, Kk, Pp  B. Jj, Tt, Vv  C. Bb, Dd, Vv

  (    )28.下列单词中a字母的发音与其它两个不同的一项是_______。

  A. name   B. that   C. hand

  (   )29. This is ______ English book and that is ______ map.

  A. a; an  B. an; a  C. an; an

  (   )30. —What’s that ____ English?

  —It’s a desk.

  A. from   B. to   C. in

  (    )31. — What grade        Li Wei in ?

  — He        in Grade Seven.

  A. is; is   B. are; are   C. are; is

  (    )32. — Is this a toy?

  —______ It’s a ruler.

  A. Yes, it is.  B. No, this isn’t.  C. No, it isn’t.

  (   )33. —

  What are those?

  —____ are cakes.

  A. They  B. These  C. It

  (   )34. —____ is your favorite teacher?

  —Miss Huang.

  A.What  B.Who  C.Where

  (  )35. —____, are you Ben?

  —No, I’m not. I’m Peter.

  A. Sorry  B. How do you do  C. Excuse me

  (  )36. Peter, is this ______ book?

  —No, it’s not _____. My book is in the desk.

  A. your; my  B. your; mine  C. yours; mine

  (  )37. —Whose is this bedroom?

  —It’s ______.

  A. Lily and Lucy’s

  B. Lily’s and Lucy’s

  C. Lily and Lucy

  (  )38. This is my teacher,Miss Chen. ______is from Fujian.

  A. She   B. He   C. Her

  (  )39. Her eyes ______big and black.

  A. is   B. has   C. are

  (  )40. This is Jack’s pen. Please ________.

  A. give it to him  B. give him it  C. give it him

  (  ) 41. Meimei’s shoes are too old. She wants ______ a new pair.

  A. to buy  B. buy  C. buys

  (  ) 42. —Thank you very much, Miss Wang!


  A. I’m OK.  B. That’s right.  C. You’re welcome.

  (  ) 43. Look at _____. It’s a bike.

  (    )44. Maria         Cuba.

  A. am from  B. are from  C. comes from

  (    )45. — What        Tom          ?

  —He is tall and he has brown hair.

  A. is; look like  B. does; look like  C. do; looks like

  二. 情景交际。(15分,每小题1分)

  A. 从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏各句的应答语。(10分)

  I                                             II

  (    )46.Whose pants are these?      A. Nice to meet you, too.

  (    )47.Nice to meet you.               B. Yes, I am.

  (    )48.How are you?                      C. How do you do?

  (    )49.Good morning!                    D. Thanks.

  (    )50.Does Mr.Lin have short hair?  E. No, she is from Canada.

  (    )51.What color is the cap?          F. They are mine.

  (    )52.Welcome to China.               G. I am fine.

  (    )53.How do you do?                   H. Good morning!

  (    )54.Is she from Japan?                I. It’s red.

  (    )55.Are you Ann?                        J. Yes, he does.

  B. 从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(5分)

  A: Excuse me, are you Amy?

  B: Yes, I am.        56

  A: My name is Tom. Nice to meet you.

  B:      57       Where are you from?

  A: I’m from England.      58

  B: No. I’m from the U.S.A.

  A: How old are you?

  B: I’m twelve.      59

  A: I’m eleven. What class are you in?

  B:       60

  A: Oh. We are in the same class. We are classmates.

A. And you?                          B. What’s your name, please?                          C. Nice to meet you, too.                          D. I’m in Class Two, Grade One.                          E. Are you from England, too?

  56.______ 57.______ 58.______ 59.______ 60.______

  三. 完形填空。(10分,每小题1分)

  Hi! I’m Pleasant Sheep. Do you    61    me? I’m a boy. I’m seven years    62   . I have a   63   mouth, and a small nose. My   64    are big. I have four good   65   . We are movie stars (电影明星). We are   66    the same class. They are nice to me. Pretty Sheep is   67    good friend. She is a nice girl. Does she   68    big eyes? Yes, her eyes are big, too. Our monitor (班长) is a girl. She is eight. She has a big head,   69    her eyes are small. We like   70   very much. What’s her name? Do you know?

  (    ) 61. A. have   B. know   C. meet

  (    ) 62. A. big     B. long     C. old

  (    ) 63. A. wide   B. long     C. round

  (    ) 64. A. foot    B. eyes     C. leg

  (    ) 65. A. students B. teachers C. friends

  (    ) 66. A. at       B. of          C. in

  (    ) 67. A. my     B. your      C. her

  (    ) 68. A. have  B. has        C. like

  (    ) 69. A. too    B. but        C. and

  (    ) 70. A. it        B. him       C. her

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