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  一、 根据句意补充单词,使句子的意思完整

  1. I’m just a b _ _ _ _ _ _ because I started to learn the piano one month ago.

  2. Will you m _ _ _ to Shanghai with your parents next week?

  3. You must be c _ _ _ _ _ _ crossing the road.

  4. The food t _ _ _ _ _ delicious.You are a great cook.

  5. My mom isn’t feeling well so I will take her to the h _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

  二、 完形填空

  One night a young American doctor was sleeping at home when his doorbell began to ring. When he opened the door he saw a man ___1__ outside.

  “Excuse me, Docor,” said the man, “Can you come at once to my place out of town. It’s quite far but you have a car and I can __2__ you the way.”

  “Certainly,” said the doctor, “ I’m ready. I’ll come soon.” __3__ a few minutes, the car came. The man got into the car and they __4__ off.

  They drove for a __5__ time, and then the man said,” Here we are. This is my home. Now I can pay you and you can go __6__ to town.”

  “But I must __7__ the patient,” the doctor said. “Where’s the patient?”

  “There’s __8__ patient,” answered the man. “Nobody is ill. I live here, you see, and I must__9__ home from the town. There are no taxis at this time of the night. Here’s the money for you. Thank you, doctor. Good __10__!”

  1. A.listening B.standing C.sitting D.watching

  2. A.take B.pass C.see

  3. A.after B.for D.with

  4. A.drove B.left D.went

  5. A.short B.long C.hard D.late

  6. A.away B.quickly C.back D.slowly

  7. B.look for C.see D.know

  8. C.a D.your

  9. A.go B.lose C.find D.ask

  10. A.evening B.night C.idea D.for you








  1. B 解析:当他打开门时,他看见一个男人站在外面。只有B可以解释的通。

  2. D 解析:show one’s way指的是给某人指路。

  3. A 解析:after a few minutes几分钟以后。

  4. A 解析:drive off开车离开,主要是前面提到car,所以要用drive.

  5. B 解析:本题从第二段的far可以得出答案。

  6. C 解析:go back to 回(某地)

  7.C解析:watch常用于观看的意思,look for是寻找的意思,know是知道的意思,只有see看见是符合意思的。

  8. B 解析:从下文nobody is ill可以推出本空的答案。

  9. A 解析:go home回家

  10.B 解析:good night与good evening的区别,night 应该是在非常晚的时候说的,比如说快到睡觉时。Good evening是指一般的晚上,比如说从晚上六点到睡觉前。本题发生的时间已经很晚了,应该用good night更合适。

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