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  Time –30 minutes、38 Questions

  1. Because the monkeys under study are ---- the presence of human beings, they typically ---- human observers and go about their business

  (A) ambivalent about .. welcome

  (B) habituated to .. disregard

  (C) pleased with .. snub

  (D) inhibited by .. seek

  (E) unaware of .. avoid

  2. Give he previously expressed interest and the ambitious tone of her recent speeches, the senator's attempt to convince the public that she is not interested in running for a second term is ----.

  (A) laudable

  (B) likely

  (C) authentic

  (D) futile

  (E) sincere

  3. Many of her followers remain ---- to her, and even those who have rejected her leadership are unconvinced of the ---- of replacing her during the current turmoil.

  (A) opposed.. urgency

  (B) friendly.. harm

  (C) loyal.. wisdom

  (D) cool.. usefulness

  (E) sympathetic.. disadvantage

  4. Unlike many recent interpretations of Beethoven's piano sonatas, the recitalist's performance was a delightfully free and introspective one; nevertheless, it was also, seemingly paradoxically, quite ----.

  (A) appealing

  (B) exuberant

  (C) idiosyncratic

  (D) unskilled

  (E) controlled

  5. Species with relatively ---- metabolic rates, including hibernators, generally live longer than those whose metabolic rates are more rapid.

  (A) prolific

  (B) sedentary

  (C) sluggish

  (D) measured

  (E) restive

  6. Belying his earlier reputation for ---- as a negotiator, Morgan had recently assumed a more ---- stance for which many of his erstwhile critics praised him.

  (A) intransigence.. conciliatory

  (B) impropriety.. intolerant

  (C) inflexibility.. unreasonable

  (D) success.. authoritative

  (E) incompetence.. combative

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