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  1. His expenditure on holidays and luxuries is rather high in __ with his income.

  A comparison B proportion C association D calculation

  2. The President made his last public __ before his term of office ended.

  A appearance

  B engagement

  C gathering

  D meeting

  3. There is no much time left, so I’ll tell you about it__.

  A in detail B in brief C in short D in all

  4. The population is leveling __ in the area as a result of family planning.

  A with B off C up D against

  5. The rain was heavy and __ the land was flooded.

  A consequently

  B continuously

  C constantly

  D consistently




  1.选A ①in comparison with与……比较起来(可比相同点或不同点)The tallest buildings in London are small in comparison with those of New York. ②in proportion to与……成比例 The insolence of the vulgar is in proportion to their ignorance: they treat everything with contempt which they do not understand. ③in association with 与……联合,与……共同 They finished the work in association with their friends.

  2.选A make one’s last appearance 最后一次露面

  3.选B ①in brief简短地,简言之 This, in brief, is the answer to the argument.②in short 总之,用在表总结的场合 You can’t make me! I won’t do it! In short, no!

  4.选B ①level off达到平衡,稳定 Prices leveled off after the inflation ended.

  ②level with和……一样,坦率诚实地对待 She leveled with him and felt better for it.③level up 使……升高,到同一个平面上,提高We should level the output of our factory up to that of the advanced. ④level against对某人提出(控告)Some of the criticisms leveled against us are not altogether fair.

  5.选A 根据句子的意思,可以看出and前后表因果关系,所以选consequently表因此。

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