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  1. My bike is missing. I cant find ____ anywhere.

  A. one B. ones C. it D. that

  2. -- Whos that?

  ____ Professor Li.

  A. Thats B. Its C. Hes D. Thiss

  3. ____ was Jane that I saw in the library this morning.

  A. It B. He C. She D. That

  4. -- Have you ever seen a whale alive?

  Yes, Ive seen ____.

  A. that B. it C. such D. one

  5. The color of my coat is different from ____ of yours.

  A. this B. that C. it D. one

  6. ____ will do you good to do some exercise every morning.

  A. It B. There C. Those D. You

  7. We think ____ our duty to pay taxes to our government.

  A. that B. this C. its D. it

  8. The climate of Shanghai is better than ____ of Nanjing.

  A. that B. it C. which D. what

  9. ____ four years since I joined the Army.

  A. There was B. There is C. It was D. It is

  10. How long ____ to finish the work?

  A. youll take B. youll take it C. will it take you D. will take you

  11. It was through Xiao Li ____ I got to know Xiao Wang.

  A. who B. whom C. how D. that

  12. It was in the rice fields ____ we had our league meeting.

  A. where B. that C. in which D. on which

  13. It was on October 1st ____ new China was founded.

  A. which B. when C. as D. that

  14. Was it because he was ill ____ he asked for leave?

  A. and B. that C. thats D. so

  15. Mary speaks in a low voice; ____ is difficult to know what she is saying.

  A. it B. that C. so D. she

  16. It was ____ I met Mr. Green in Shanghai.

  A. many years that B. many years before C. many years ago that D. many years when

  17. ____ is not everybody ____ can draw so well.

  A. It, all B. It, that C. There, who D. There, that

  18. So ____ that no fish can live in it.

  A. shallow is the lake B. the lake is shallow C. shallow the lake is D. is the lake shallow


  1~5 CBADB 6~10 ADADC 11~15 DBDBA 16~18 CBA

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