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  Linda was a few minutes late. Wilson 16 the office when she got there. His secretary told her he 17 back in a few minutes. She 18 sit down and wait for a few minutes in outer office.

  "Ill never get this job," she 19 herself. For a moment she wanted to 20 the building. Just then, Wilson came 21 the door and hurried into his office. A few minutes 22 his secretary took Linda in and introduced her,

  Linda apologized 23 . Wilson didnt seem to 24 .They chatted casually (随便地) for a few seconds and then 25 . He 26 her letter of application.

  "Youve never worked in radio or television before, 27 ? "he said. Now she was 28 that she would not get the job. Wilson asked her 29 questions.

  30 he seemed impressed with her other qualifications(资格).She was 31 when he asked her if she could start soon. "I wonder if youd mind 32 next month?" he asked 33 .

  34 seemed she had got the job 35 .

  16. A. had left B. has left C. was left D. would be leaving

  17. A. had been B. came C. was D. would be

  18. A. should B. had to C. would D. was able to

  19. A. told B. spoke C. said D. talked

  20. A. run out B run of C. run out of D. run away

  21. A. through B. across C. cross D. along

  22. A. latest B. last C. late D. later

  23. A. to being late B. for being late C. to be late D. for the late

  24. A. mind B. listen C. notice D. hear

  25. A. took down with business B. came down to business C. settled down with business D. got down to business

  26. filled out B. took out C. sent out D. threw away

  27. A. havent you B. do you C. have you D. dont you

  28. A. even more sure B. much sure C. even sure of D. sure of

  29. A. a few such B. a few more C. much a few D. more a few

  30. A. As her surprise B. To her surprised C. For her surprised D. To her surprise

  31. A. even more surprise B. even much surprise C. even more surprised D. even much surprised

  32. A. starting B. to start C. start D. started

  33. A. by a smile B. with a smile C. by smile D. with smile

  34. A. It B. This C. That D. He

  35. A. not at all B. after all C. all D. after that



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