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  In 1973, the Indian government initiated a tiger protection campaign called ‘Project Tiger’ which was designed to help protect the diminishing tiger population. The tiger population was declining due to habitat loss, poaching and other human-related factors. During the campaign, twenty-five tiger reserves were established where human development and inhabitation was forbidden. On these reserves, the breeding of tigers has been facilitated, and mature tigers have been transported to other regions with the goal of increasing their worldwide population. At the same time, the campaign has organized the Tiger Protection Force to catch poachers and relocate villagers in the rural areas so that they are no longer living within natural habitats. As a result of these efforts, the population of Bengal tigers in India has increased from about 1,200 in 1973 to an impressive 3500 in 2007. Due to this fact, they are no longer on the brink of extinction.


  diminish 减少

  =decrease, decline

  diminish water and energy supply

  diminish government revenue by limiting commercial activities

  with the goal of … 以…为目的

  =with the purpose of …

  With the goal/purpose of establishing a more efficient basic education system, authorities are obliged to implement scientific teaching strategies for all primary schools.

  on the brink of 濒临

  =on the verge of

  on the brink/verge of starvation


  … where … 在这(那)里,地点状语从句结构

  There has been a large-scale migration of industrial workers from the countryside to the cities where many manufacturing factories are located.


  濒危物种 endangered species

  动物保护区 habitat conservation/preservation

  对…有潜在威胁 pose a potential challenge/threat to

  视而不见 turn a blind eye to

  充耳不闻 turn a deaf ear to

  以…为代价 at the expense of

  弥补 make up for

  采取各种措施保护 take various measures to protect/safeguard

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