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【 - 自我介绍】

  我是一个活泼.开朗有上进心的女孩,身高170 休重54KG,我喜欢微笑对待身边所有的事情。微笑能给人友好的信息。空姐是我从小到大的梦想,我喜欢在蓝天下飞翔的感觉,在困难面前,我从不退缩。总是微笑面对!勇于向前。我热爱空姐这个高尚的职业。积极乐观的态度。吃苦耐劳的精神都是我所具备的,我相信我能胜任!

  I am a lively, cheerful and ambition girl. I am 170cm talland 54KG weight. I like to treat everything around us with a smile. A friendly smile can pass a good intention to people. To be a stewardess is that I have always dream of, I like the feeling of flying in the blue sky. When facing

  difficulties, I never backed down, I always smile to confrot them and have the courage to move forward. I love to be a flight attendant, this is a noble profession. Positive and optimistic attitude, tradition of hard work are all I have, I believe I can do it.

  I am a extroverted and aspirant girl. I am 1.7 meters tall and 54 kilogrames. I like smile with all thinkgs around me for smile can give friendly message to others. Being a stewardess is my dream for I like feeling flying on the sky. I never give up facing difficulties. I always smile with them and keep forward. I love the job of being a stewardess. I have optimistic attitude and work hard. I believe that I am competent enough to fill the job


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