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  University life like a snap of the wings of the end, the next is about to work. I know that this is a major challenge in life, the role of conversion. Which in addition to a strong adaptability and optimistic attitude to life, but more importantly, thanks to the accumulation of university studies and skills training. In this case,

  In ideology, I strive to move forward, care about current affairs, love the motherland, support the party and the state's principles and policies, abide by national laws, regulations and rules and regulations, and actively move closer to the party organization, the courage to criticize and self-criticism, and establish a correct life Concept and values, and constantly strengthen their own theory of cultivation, and put into action (watch the current affairs programs and visits to the welfare of the elderly, etc.). In the activities to improve the ideological consciousness and political accomplishment. In this case,

  In the study, I successfully completed the professional courses. Has been admitted to the "senior network programmer certificate"; "Linux operating system intermediate administrator" and other professional certificates.Learning professional knowledge but also cultivate my good thinking ability, I believe that in the future theory and practice which, can have greater improvement! Four years of campus life and social practice I continue to challenge the self, enrich themselves, to achieve the value of life and lay a solid foundation. In this case,

  At work, I am responsible, have a strong organizational management and communication skills, have a good problem analysis and judgment, focus on team spirit and collective concept. He has served as the Director of the Department of Public Information of the Association of College Societies. He has participated in the activities of the college community (daily activities and community elections) and reported on it (the school website), coordinating the contradictions among the associations. He was well received by the school leaders and teachers. In part-time work, I have been taken seriously, as far as possible to bring business benefits. Part-time experience to me is very profound, I think we do every thing is a little bit of progress every day: every day a little bit of innovation is to lead; a little bit more every day to the harvest; a little progress every day in the directionsuccess. In this case,

  In life, I respect the teachers have added, and students live in harmony, and actively participate in group activities (Sports Day and Youth Day activities, etc.). Collective life to understand their own to understand and care for others, but also to make themselves more strong and independent.

  In this goodbye to bid farewell to a better university life, embarked on the journey of society, I am ready to go, will be full of enthusiasm, firm confidence, a high sense of responsibility to meet new challenges, climb new heights. "Good birds to choose wood and habitat, for the Bole and Wing", I will be hard-working attitude, not afraid of losing tenacity into the community. I would like to borrow your eye, I open up the journey of life!


  University life is about to end, full of excitement and pride at the crossroads of life, ready to meet the future opportunities and challenges. Looking back on campus life and social practice, here it is necessary to summarize.

  In ideology, positive progress, love the motherland, love the people, support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Further in-depth study of the party's knowledge, the party's true policy, the system more profound understanding. Understand the first person, after learning the truth; in the school decided to submit the application form to join the party, and in the party school graduation was named "outstanding students", the glorious became a member of the Communist Party.

  In the study, while trying to learn specialized courses, also selected the "computer programming", "psychology", "literary appreciation", "Japanese", "economic management" and a series of courses. At the same time pay attention to the computer, English and other learning, has passed the computer two, English forty-six examination. Can easily read the foreign literature. Through four years of undergraduate study, I have made great progress in all aspects, but there are still many shortcomings, to be further improved.

  Knowledge is power, with the rapid development of society, the things learned in the University has been far from meeting the needs of society, in order to enrich themselves and improve themselves. I am enthusiastic, enterprising entrepreneurial spirit, during the school, and actively participate in social practice, and various cultural and sports activities, cultivate a certain degree of organizational and social skills, can quickly adapt to a variety of environments. Mastered a solid theoretical knowledge and business skills, with a certain amount of practical ability.

  In life, frugal, positive, optimistic; in learning, hard-working, practical. In addition, I also pay attention to physical exercise, so I have a healthy body, strong physique; At the same time pay attention to communication with students and teachers, has a strong team spirit and strong organizational skills.


  During the school, I in order to enhance their ability to make themselves ready for the future to face the community, for the activities will be proactive participation, and in the summer and winter holidays to take the initiative to participate in all aspects of internship work, This gave me a great help after the life.

  In dealing with people, I and my classmates can live in harmony, solidarity between people, some people will encounter difficulties I will take the initiative to help, when I have difficulties, we will lend a helping hand to me , Really grateful to everyone.

  In learning, I will finish the teacher on time assignment, in the spare time will learn to other aspects of knowledge, learning attitude correct.

  In short, four years of college life is full and colorful, during which I learned a lot of knowledge, made a very good friend, which is very meaningful for me, for me later is also very helpful of.

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